Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Black Presidents Obama Should Thank

We all know that Barack Obama was elected as this country's first Black President but he really isn't the first Throughout the media there have been many black presidents, some of whom I think he should thank for his election as much as he thanked voters.

President David Palmer.

I've been re-watching 24 via Netflix. Its an awesome show no doubt but the main reason I started watching wasn't because of Jack Bauer's kickassness. It was because of the black man who was running for president in season one and was president in later seasons. Palmer was a very honest and caring man which made him a great president. He handled a lot of controversies well throughout the series, dealt with ridiculous amounts of assassination attempts and terrorist attacks and did it all with class and grace. I think his time as president on TV was the first time that people really believed a black man could become president. Now he's helping people get insurance too, well him and this guy lol. 

Obama thank him.

President candidate turned Elect Mays Gilliam.

Yes I'm serious lol. Head of State was a "good" bad movie lol. Chris Rock, Bernie Mac as his running mateTamala Jones as the #snookup love interest and Nate Dogg rest his soul:

Need I say more lol?

Seriously though the reason why I picked Mays was that he was a black man on the campaign trail surprisingly rallying people...who does that sound like?

Obama thank him.

President Tom Beck.

This is simply off the strength of Morgan Freeman. What's Freeman's most remembered role? Without the shadow of a doubt Lean on Me. He was such a powerful leader in that movie that whenever we see him we think about that. Even though he wasn't nearly as powerful in Deep Impact he was in the ultimate position of power. All we saw was the leader from Lean on Me playing the President of the United States. That held weight. 

Obama thank him.

Dave Chappelle as Black Bush

I miss Chappelle's Show so much. Chappelle had a skit in which he played the aforementioned Tim Beck but his greatest assist to Obama came as Black Bush. That portrayal, while funny, was true: Bush cared about avenging his father and getting oil. Chappelle was able to highlight those truths in a comedic way, making it easier for people to realize it and realize we don't want another republican in office. Who am I kidding? That joint was funny as hell lol: 

Either way, Obama thank him.

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