Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Last night was my first Fantasy Football draft of this season. I'm in 3 different leagues but #draftaboutnothing will be my favorite because all of my friends are in it. @Ham_n_Chedda, @KingOvNY85, @ThePuddingLied, @fivefifths, @TheSitublasian @_weapon_X_, @TheUNjealous, @Larry_Draper and @CapNRoh. There are some very creative team names, and because we all follow each other Gonna be a lot of shit talking... 

I was so amped all day yesterday waiting for 8pm to see my draft order, and for the draft to start at 9pm. I felt good when I found out that I was drafting 6th overall. I had my fantasy big board, my notes and my copy of the Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football issue in front of me, READY. Draft kicked off and it was time for business. I planned to take either Ray Rice or Peyton Manning in the 1st round, both were snatched up (Rice right before me). I settled on Frank Gore, risky because of his injury history but he is a horse and I think San Fran will get back to running more and get out of that shotgun. I passed on Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, hope it doesn't come back to haunt me.

As the draft continued I saw a few of my sleeper picks get snatched up by my foes. Beanie Wells, Pierre Thomas, Justin Forsett, Felix Jones, Mike Wallace, Jermichael Finley, Ahmad Bradshaw just to name a few. At some point I found myself without a QB. I noticed everyone had there's so I was just going to relax and take Kevin Kolb (another one of my sleepers) and then he got snatched up. I wound up with Joe Flacco though so I think I'll be fine. At a different point I mistakenly took LeSean McCoy, (think I was trying to draft Kolb lol) but I after the draft I realized that he might be a good pickup #SleeperAlert. I also nabbed Ben "Big RapeRapistburger...I mean Roethlisberger in the 12th round which could turnout to be a steal after the suspension. All in all I like my team's chances.

I present to you
In The Endzone 2 Arms UP:
QB John Flacco
QB Ben Roesthlisberger
RB Frank Gore
RB Jonathon Stewart
RB LeSean McCoy
RB Jerome Harrison
RB Cadillac Williams
RB Tim Hightower
WR Randy Moss
WR Hines Ward
WR Hakeem Nicks
WR Derrick Mason
TE Vernon Davis
TE John Carlson
D/ST Steelers
K Jay Feely

#LehGo #OhLehDoIt #FTW #GetThisMoney

I'd enjoy this fantasy football game too:

Rondo Withdraws...

Start working on ya jumper man
Rajon Rondo withdrew from Team USA late Tuesday night citing family issues but it may be more than that. Rondo, who felt he was on the bubble, may have been trying to save himself from the embarrassment, at least thats what a few reports have said (ESPN and Fanhouse). The news saddens me as I'm a big Rondo fan (my game is similar to his). Outside of my fanhood, I did think he was a good fit for the team, being a championship PG and very good distributor. Of course I was aware of his shooting struggles from the field and the FT line, but I thought his strengths vastly outweighed the weaknesses. What do I know? (Nothing, been wrong all my life). Better hit the gym brotha, 5000 jumpers a day.....

Team USA now has its set Roster. We'll see how they'll do tonight, 7pm ESPN and in the tournement (starts Tuesday).

Monday, August 23, 2010

Eli's #Jealousface

Found this photo on ESPN's photos of the week:

"I shouldn't have changed the play..."

I know its been a week but its still funny...

A look at Team USA

2008 Team USA (Redeem Team) Collects Gold Medals
In case you haven't noticed I'm a Team USA Stan. After the '08 Olympics I wrote a lil something on what I thought the '12 Olympic team would look like (Scroll through the comments I'm cbwr24). Its time for a little revising lol (Future post).

Anyways, the FIBA World Championships is right around the corner (Aug. 28th-Sept. 12th) and Team USA has been preparing all summer, so naturally I've been following. The started in camp earlier this summer out in Vegas, then they came to New Your City where the participated in the Nike World Basketball Festival, and now they're in Europe for the final preparations before the tournament starts. 

Of course no players from the Redeem Team are on this team one from that team is on this team (nothing to prove unlike last time). Fortunately for us we have a bunch of talented players to choose from as replacements. This, of course, is what got us in trouble in previous years. We would just plug in a bunch of "talented" players and expect gold. Thanks to the '04 Olympic debacle we now realize that its the right talent that needs to be together, something Jerry Colangelo (Director of USA Basketball) has worked very hard on. That being said, this team is an interesting cast.

Coach K returns as the head coach of the team, as does his Olympic assistants: Nate McMillan, Mike D'Antoni, and Jim Boeheim. This is a very young and athletic team, loaded with long and versatile wing players, and lighting fast guards. Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Danny Granger, Andre Iguodala are all 3s who will probably play 3 and 4 in the tournament. Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook are three very fast and strong PGs. Chauncey Billups provides veteran leadership, having played for Team USA at the 2007 FIBA Americas Championships. He also brings great clutch shooting to this table, something thats very important in international competitions. He will play mostly SG. The team only has one true center; Tyson Chandler, but plan to use Lamar Odom and Kevin Love at center at times. Stephen Curry and Eric Gordon, who both provide shooting, round out the team.

While they were here in NYC they played the 1st of 4 international friendlies vs France. The won easily 86-55. I had the fortune of being at the game. Since they've been in Europe they have played game 2 and 3 of their friendlies schedule. The first was Saturday vs Lithuania, a 77-61 victory, and the second was yesterday where they narrowly beat out Spain 86-85. Their final tune-up will be this coming Wednesday when they face off with Greece (7pm ESPN). After the game we should get a better look at how the team will play when the tournament starts and who will be on the final roster (1 more cut must be made).

A closer look coming soon...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jets vs Giants...Eli #JEALOUSED

Last night the the New Meadowlands "officially" opened, hosting its first ever football game. (I was there last week for the USA vs Brazil soccer match). Rightfully so the game was between the co-owners of the stadium The New York Jets and the New York Giants. Don't remember being so hype for a pre-season game ever in my life, but I really wanted to see what these "new" Jets were about. I also wanted to see what the Giants would be like after their disappointing end to last season.

I only watched the first half, as the starters played most of it (Jets starters played all of it). On the Jets first offensive series Mark Sanchez forced a ball into new Jet LT (who was double covered) and had it picked by new Giant Antrell Rolle. (I think this is foreshadowing of how the season will go for Sanchez, forcing throws to make plays and turning it over). After the early mistake Sanchez did settle down and lead the 1st teamers to 3 scoring drives. The Jets defense looks as good as advertised and potentially better then last year's #1 defense. I say potentially because they need Darrelle Revis to pair with Antoino Cormartie (who shoulda had 2 picks yesterday). Overall the 1st teams looked good though.

The Giants 1st teamers, on the other hand didn't look so great. Their first TD was set up by the interception return. While the G-Men addressed their secondary in the offseason, they didn't add a LB to take over for Antonio Pierce who was the QB of the defense and a great communicator. That lack of communication led to an easy TD for the Jets, as they caught the Giants subbing out players (Pierce would have noticed and called timeout). The offense looked out of sync and could only muster up a drive that got them a FG. That drive was greatly helped out by a broken play turned into a 51 yard gain (Ahmed Bradshaw is a beast #fantasyalert). They're seems to be some confusion about the identity of the team, do they want to run (they should) or pass. This was so evident on a play close to the goal line. The Giants were set up for a power run play, when Eli Manning saw 1 on 1 coverage and decided to adubile to a fade. Problem was only he knew what he want to do. Jacobs expecting a handoff bumped into Eli causing his hlmet to was eventually knocked off putting Eli in a #jealoused position:

Bad things happen when helmets come off....

Eli was ultimately alright, just needed 12 stitches. I hope he learned the most important lesson he could ever learn: #1 Don't Jealous Yourself!!! Although I stopped watching, the Giants went on to win 31-16 with some guy named Victor Cruz (former UMass star) catching 3 TDs. Can't wait til the regular season. #LehGo!

Fellas, We MUST Be The Fathers

Over the weekend traveling home I saw this (Black) man and his two sons. It made me happy, so much so that I tweeted about it:

FullCupLover  I love seeing fathers with their kids...makes me happy...

The responses I got back from the tweet made me think about a few things that bother me and some potential solutions.

All the responses/retweets I got were from women (thank you ladies). It bothered me that no brothers responded. Women can't be the only people who share this happiness with me. Of all the brothers that follow me no one feels the same way? Can't be true, at least I don't think so. When thinking about the reason behind this two things immediately came to mind: the macho attitude we carry and the resentment we have against our fathers.

We men have been socialized/conditioned to never show our emotions (thank you society). Never show any weakness. Admitting something equates to being wrong about something or needing help. We men rarely admit anything for those reasons, we can't say we were wrong about something or God forbid that we needed something. So maybe no males responded because they don't want to seem weak for admitting fatherhood makes them happy.


Or maybe its that resentment thing. Some, maybe even most, of us have so much resentment for our fathers, those males (not men) who failed to be our father. The fact that they weren't there hurts us so much we can't admit that we wish they were. Instead we say: "Fuck him." We resent him so much that the sight of a man with his kids, a man being a Real Father pisses us off because we didn't get to experience it ourselves. Once again: "Fuck him."

Its certainly a combination of both of those things, both of which are harmful and can hinder our potential as fathers. Nothing good comes from hiding our emotions. When we keep all those negative emotions inside we're suicide bombers. Those emotions act like a time bomb, ticking away waiting to explode. When those explosions happen the people around us get hurt and so do we. The resentment acts as the fuel behind those bombs, just adding to those negative emotions. The longer we resent, the stronger those emotions become and bigger and harmful the explosions.

Resentment is a natural reaction but as much as possible we must not let it fuel time bombs. Not an easy task. We have to start by letting those emotions out. Talk about with someone, preferably a brother who may be going through it as well. We can talk to our boys about all types of foolishness: the girl we trying get with, our Superbowl picks, music, our favorite movies, whatever. A conversation about our absent fathers shouldn't be so hard. If you feel you can't talk about it with ya boys re-evaluate your friends. Getting those emotions out will make you feel  a lot better and prevent them from adding up. It will also take the resentment from being the fuel for negative emotions to being motivation to become the best father possible. Then we can slowly begin to clear out all the negative emotions, and maybe one day forgive than guy (maybe lol).

Turning that resentment into a positive fuel is so important. Once we do it we can then start thinking and talking about what we wished we had, the kinds of thing we wanted to do or hear, what we wished our fathers to be. Those thoughts/conversations evolve into what kind of fathers we want to be. Its not just something that we can should think/talk about, we can actually put it in action now even if we aren't fathers yet. Practice all the fatherly skills you think/talk about with your friends, nieces/nephews, cousins, mentees, any young person who crosses your path. Encourage the young fathers you encounter. All it takes is a "Keep doing a good job man" to keep that brotha going. We can do it brothers, matter of fact we MUST, its our responsibility.

Related tracks: Stay -Fabolous ft Marsha Ambrosius, Daddy -Juelz Santana, Be a Father to Your Child -Ed O.G. and Da Bulldogs, Where Have You Been? -Jay-Z and Beanie Siegel,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

K-Rod Arrested...#LetsGoMets

K-Rod in cuffs.

Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez was arrested late last night after the NY Mets crushing defeat (I'm a fan) at the hands of the Colorado Rockies. After the game K-Rod got in a argument with his father in-law and then got physical, backing him against a wall and the repeatedly punching him in the face. The incident happened in the Family Room, in which several of the players families were. K-Rod proceeded to shower and curse out a few reporters before attempting to leave the stadium in this:

Clean White Lambo #Respect

 I can understand why K-Rod was upset, the Mets Bullpen blew another save opportunity before he had a chance to close it out, it hurts (even more that former Met great Melvin Mora did us in this time). Despite the anger K-Rod was out of control. He's added another horrible story to this depressing season (at least we got some backpage love) and may have written his ticket out of NY. 

Luckily, Johan Santana "You Know Who Big" got on the hill today and dominated to put this behind us: Complete Game Shutout allowing 4 Hits and Striking Out 10.



Monday, August 9, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

So a few things happened over the weekend that let me know that Football is almost back.

I got an email invitation to join a Fantasy Football league. I'm excited. Last year I won the championship game by 2 points. Looking forward to this fantasy season, the draft is on the 24th, I let you know what my team looks like.

In the College Football world USA Today dropped its preseason Top 25 Coaches Poll. Even though I hate preseason polls (near future post) they are a sign that the season is on the horizon, approximately 3 weeks away. Can't wait!

The National Football League, also known as the big boys lol, got under way. On Saturday the NFL Hall of Fame inducted perhaps the greatest class ever: Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Dick LeBeau (as a player), John Randle, Rickey Jackson, Floyd Little and Russ Grimm. #Respect. Special #Shoutout to Smith and Rice my frat brothers. #BluPhi! 

Then of course on Sunday the Preseason Schedule got under way with the Hall of Fame Game between the Bengals and the Cowboys. The Cowboys were victorious 16-7. The game also marked the beginning of the Chad Ochocinco-TO era, better known as the Batman and Robin era:

You see how reluctant Ochocinco was? Yea...we'll see how that works lol. Anyway I'm ready for some football, were close but not there. Can it hurry up and get here already?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh and its Shaved...

This is ridiculous.....but its Laurence Fishburne's daughter...

How you feel about that Morpheus? 

#shoutout to @BlackDeanMartin on the link, and @Son_Zoo.

Download the full movie, if you over 18 of course lol.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Flip Cup Supremacy? No.

Saturday night Team #UNjealous (Me, @HAM_n_Chedda, @ThePuddingLied @G_Ur_Immature and @TheUnjealous) participated in a Flip Cup tournament. We thought it would be an easy championship being that it is one of our favorite games and we are extremely good. We were so WRONG *Charlie Murphy Voice*. We finished in 5th place, aka last. We got #JEALOUSED. At least we got drunk as hell #ForTheUNjealous lol. Got a few photos of me in action.

Ready for action, notice who's not in uniform (@TheUnjealous).

My team got it to me, time to close it out.
 1st flip
Its all over, CLOSED OUT.