Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homecoming Wrap Up

Oh #Homecoming.


The Odyssey to get to Atlanta. Original flight was at 10:30am, missed it because of sick traffic. Stood by for 3 different flights with no luck. Got on a van with 9 strangers and went to White Plains for a seat on a 630pm flight. Got to Atlanta at 8:15pm but didn't get of the plane until close to 9pm.

Straight to the hotel to change. Pregame. Black Love.

Got drunk as hell, saw a gazillion people, served as the mediator for a couple consisting of 2 of my best friends, found my lady, went back to the crib.


Linked up with my LBs: 16 B.I.B.I. for the 5 year anniversary lunch. Recapped stories, told jokes, ate wings, drank brew, had my first shot of patreezy, had a damn good time, got our anniversary t-shirt.

Left the restaurant, stopped by the liquor store, picked up some patreezy, lemonade and Sprite, got to campus, mixed it up, hit the tailgate.

#Occupiedtailgate. Drank all day. Chilled with the bros. Hungout with my crew from DuBois. Flirted with every girl in sight.

Some photos:

Front of the line love
123, whatever you wanna call it
Couples snapbacks
Telling the Nupe @Parkour_Louis he in the blue section
One of my fav prophytes
#Shindigged it up @BlackDeanMartin crib like old times. Passed out round 4am I think.


Spent the day mostly in recovery. Brunch at Waffle House with the homie Patrice. Late that night hit @DueorDie comedy show. The man has skills, bright future too. Be on the look out.



All in all a great trip.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Coming Home

Soon it's gonna be 5 years since I crossed:

I was young and full of zeal lol.
Anyway, my LBs wanna spend this Homecoming celebrating our 5 year anniversary. Wasn't planning on going but how could I not?

16 BIBI w/DP and ADP
With that being said, Morehouse, tell the world that I'm Coming Home:

Might even get a lil of this on:

Me to the far right in the blue...

We'll see.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Hard Knock Life

I recently read an article in New York Magazine about a possible Basquiat on a Brooklyn bodega door. I'm cultured lol. Yea that's the same Basquiat that Hov and 'Ye consistently reference on Watch The Throne.

Basquiat in a Brooklyn bodega ---> Jay-Z rapping about Basquiat ---> Jay-Z rapping in a Brooklyn bodega:

Crazy how these thing correlate in my mind...


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Interludes that should be full songs

I love interludes, mostly the funny ones like the ones Cam'ron does. I also like interludes that are songs. There are some that I wish were full songs though.

Miguel is the reason why I started thinking about this because of

The Girl With The Tattoo

This joint is so smooth...it def could have gone on for a few more minutes.

Usher has a few as well:

Prayer For You

I love this tribute/dedication to his son, its really touching...there was another verse or something.

Without You

Tough to say that this should have been a full song because it's followed by a great song: "Can You Help Me." It's a strong interlude that could have gone on as its own song though.

Alicia Keys too:

Prelude to Kiss

I absolutely love this interlude, it may be my favorite interlude ever. I wish it didn't end.

Never Felt This Way

Real nice instrumental lead up...smooth vocals...ended abruptly. We deserved a second verse.

Feeling You, Feeling Me

See what I wrote above? Same thing here.

Keyshia Cole checks in too

Same Thing

Ever since Keyshia jumped on the scene she made it known she was taking the Queen of Heartbreak throne from MJB. This track would have let us know why, if she would have stretched it out.

Danity Kane may be the biggest culprit though. There interludes are so damn good, better than some of their songs. They have a 3 that make me fee this way:

Come Over

This joint is so dope. It's right up there with "Prelude to Kiss" as my favorite interlude.

Ain't True

One of the best songs about cheating ever.

Secret Place

I can understand why this is a short song...can't talk about the Secret Place for too long lol.

These are just a few that come to mind but I'm sure there are many more interludes that should have been full songs...let me know if you think of  a few.

Jay's (Future) Kids

Beyonce is preggo. Or is she?

I know I'm a little late with this but what can I say I've been busy lol.

When I found out that she and Hov were finally having a baby I was kinda sad. Not because I thought that the new born will come out like this:

But because once this youngster enters the world it will mark the end of Jay rapping about his future kids.

I'm a well documented Hov stan and I've gotta say that some of my favorite lines are when he raps about his future kids. One of my favorite songs is "Beach Chair" a will/inspirational note to his future daughter.

Jay def knew something was up as they were making Watch The Throne:

"Sorry Junior, I already ruined ya, you ain't even alive paparazzi pursuing ya...."
- New Day.

His whole verse is dedicated to his future son and it maybe my favorite verse on the album.

And then there's the line in Made it in America:

"Tryin lead a nation to leave to my lil mans...or my daughter."

Which def made me say whoo.

I can't really explain it but rhymes/songs about future kids are so dope to me. Ex: "Letter to my Unborn Child."

Now, well soon, that's all over for Hov. Maybe he'll have a few dope lines/songs post birth of the youngster like Juelz did with "Daddy" and Fab did with "Stay." 
We'll see what up.