Friday, April 23, 2010

Drafting The Franchise Player

I love the draft. Its the best way to make your team better. Fans and GMs alike know the importance of the draft. A good one can change the course of a franchise. A few good picks and your team can go from horrible to decent, decent to good, good to great. You could even find that special player who could be the one to help you bring home the ring. That in fact is the reason people draft to find the franchise player.

This of course is no easy task. There are so many prospects, many of whom look like they will be excellent players and perhaps even that franchise player. They've put together their highlight tapes. Trained for and performed admirably at the combine and/or their pro days. They've taken tests and went on interviews. They've put all this work in trying to solidify themselves as a number 1 pick. So how do you pick?

You have to do your due diligence. Understand your needs and conduct your research accordingly. Review the tape, a prospect's track record. That's the best way to see them in action, see how they have preformed in the past and see what they need to work on to get better. (Sometimes you yourself aren't able to view tape but make sure your scouts have). Look at their combine numbers to see their skill set. If you need to, bring them in for additional workouts and closer observations of their skill set. Notice how they've trained. This will give you and idea of their work ethic, which is so important to a player's and team's development.

Then of course there is the interview (hopefully a few). In my opinion the most important aspect of the draft process. Its the best way to see what kind of person your prospect is. You can ask questions about things you saw on tape or things you've heard from scouts and critics. Gauge their character. Find out as much as possible before determining if you want them on your team.

Good luck in your search for The Franchise Player.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Most Beautiful Sound

Last weekend I saw one of the most beautiful things ever. I was riding the train uptown bopping out to my iPod and on the train steps a whole family. A mother, father, aunt, uncle, son, daughter and a little baby daughter in her stroller. The father was rolling the stroller so he came aboard first but he held the door to make sure his family got on. Seeing families in action always makes me smile, especially when the father is active. This family made me smile extra hard.Once the train started moving the father wanted to check on his baby girl in the stroller to make sure she was still sound asleep. He tried to look over the canopy of the stroller but couldn't. He even tried to look from the side, but that too didn't work. Finally he decided to ask for help and then it happened.

The father leaned over to his brother and began a series of signs. His brother focused on the signs, checked on the baby and sent a series of signs back to the father. Suddenly his eyes shifted to his wife as she too was conversing with him using another series of signs. Meanwhile the aunt was chatting with the son and daughter, signing away. This whole family was deaf. The communication was so beautiful. The way I was smiling and paying attention to the signed conversations you would have thought I too was deaf. I had to let them know so I typed up a little message on my blackberry memopad and showed it to the aunt. She smiled, signed thank you and signed my message (I hope) to the family. When it was my time to get off the train I smiled a giant smile and waved bye.

I took a year of American Sign Language in HS so a few (a tiny few) signs looked familiar but I certaintly had no clue what they were saying. Nevertheless I was amazed. During that year of ASL I was able to learn a little bit about deaf people and their culture. I gained a greater appreciation for my sense of hearing. I realized that it was my favorite sense and the one I would least want to give up/lose. When I was in the class I joked that not being able to hear the playstation sound when I turned it on would be devasting. Really though it would be not hearing my mother's voice that would cause me the most pain. God willing I'll never have to experience it. However if it where to happen, all I'd have to do would be to think of this family and I'd instantly be encouraged.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Better than the Scientifc Method

Have you ever had a "Did (s)he really say that?" moment. We've all been there. You're sitting with a group of friends talking about how great "Confessions" was. Out of nowhere someone says "it was cool but 'Raymond vs Raymond' is way better." Immediately you get the "What!?!" face. How could they say that? Trying to figure out how they came up with that argument is pointless, you've now reached a point where you must educate this person and deliver them back to reality. But how can you form an argument against someone in such disbelief of the truth?

In grade school we learned bout the Scientific Method:

Furthermore in college we learned all these "advanced" research methods which in actuality are just the Scientific Method on steroids (Sociology/Psychology Majors can feel me on this). Well the Scientific Method is cool and all but its not really practical for daily use. In the heat of the moment who has time to do research and conduct experiments? I don't, that's why I have my own method, the Lynn-Logue Method if you will. It goes as followed:

1) Listen to the argument
2) Think
3) Educate
4) Deliver the Facts
5) Leave no doubt

Hear the person out, skeptically listening for the error in their line of thought. Once you find it take time to think and formulate your counter argument and position. Think wisely about the best words to use to get your point across. Drop knowledge on them, state your argument. Make sure to supply undeniable facts so then when you’re done you’ve left no doubt. Here is what it should look like:

Try it sometime. It hasn’t been published or anything but I think it’s better than the Scientific Method. Let me know *Kanye voice*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy New Years Easter

Aight so I was anticipating an Easter post. I knew Easter would be post worthy, how could it not be? It's easily one of the top 3 holidays for black people(own birthday, Christmas then Easter.) Every black person in America was in church on Sunday. If you black and you weren't in church your blackness needs to be placed under reviewed. I was counting on seeing all the new Easter outfits. I knew I would be driving around for an extra 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. Once I got in the sanctuary I knew someone would be sitting in my seat. I could almost bet any amount of money that I was going to hear the word "early" several times at different decibels. I also knew that my mom would lean over to me and say "see Jesus made his bed, so can you." I knew I'd be sitting in my chair for 4 hours. I just knew it.

Easter is predictable like this. There are very few certain things in life: taxes, death and Easter for blacks. For us, its a ritual. It represents so much for us, namely a new year in Christ. Every year a mom says to her kids "this is the year were goin to start goin to church every Sunday. We startin on Easter." As a child I knew that I'd get a new outfit ever Easter. Matter of fact, there were 2 outfits: the "new" zoot suit (colorful and shiny) for Sunday and the new outfit (new jeans, Jordans and a new t-shirt) for school on Monday. My mom was never the "this is the year" type but I became the type one year. I hated the fact that we only showed up on Easter. I hated it so much I did the most unheard of thing: showed up the Sunday after Easter. I eventually became a full fledged member at my church.

Being away at school the past four years I haven't experienced a real black Easter. As a matter of fact I think I only went to church 2 out of the 4 years I was away. So I was pretty excited about my return to real Easters. Resurrection sermons (no matter how predictable) are always the strongest of the year. I mean we all know the story and can probably preach it: "Jesus died on Friday. Stayed in the grave all day Saturday. But early, early (high scream), I said EARLY (highest scream) he rose up. For you and me. Isn't He so good?" Despite my excitement I was also worried, worried about all the things in the first paragraph.

To my surprise this Easter was cool, almost a normal Sunday. I left a little earlier than normal (10:15am for a 30 min drive). As soon as I got close to my church I found a good spot immediately (look at God). I walked in the sanctuary and my seat was waiting for me. The service was long, but not 4 hours (only 3). My pastor did his thing in the pulpit and didn't even say the word early. I think the most astonishing thing about this Easter was that I only saw 2 zoot suits: a royal blue one (worn with a red shirt) and an all orange everything one. Hallelujah to that. Overall all it was a very regular Easter.

Happy New Years Easter.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

How it all happens


I want to welcome you and thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will enjoy it and visit often. There's always so much going on in my mind I just want to let it out, share it. So that's pretty much what I'm going to do, write out what goes on up there. I just want to let you all know how it all happens.

Sometimes random thoughts just pop in my head. In actuality the only thing random about them may be the order in which they come or what exactly triggered them. Almost all thoughts are connected to something else; (at least in my mind) it just takes something to spark them up. That’s the random part, the spark. That spark always leads to a series of follow up thoughts. Those follow ups consist of a lot of analyzing and examination, sometimes yielding a belief that I feel strong enough to stand on. These are the thoughts I hope to share most often but the truth is a lot of my thoughts end up incomplete. Sometimes I have more questions then answers, turning those thoughts into questions. You'll be getting those too. My mission at the end of the day is to open up new lines of thought and provoke conversations. This is all I can hope for, and that you enjoy reading.

On that note I'd like to say that its not all serious. While I do have a lot of serious/abstract thoughts, I also love to joke and have fun. I love music, sports, movies, and Youtube videos. I live a crazy life and experience many things. I think about a lot, over many areas, so there will be many posts about everything. We're going to have some fun. Welcome again, thank you again and visit again.

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