Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Returning to School...

My break is over. Been slumming it and bumming it for about 5 weeks but today I return to class...

Only got one thing to say:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Talk About Playoffs

Now that the NFL regular season is over it's time for the playoffs:

That's a special #shoutout to @KingovNy85. During our fantasy football regular season he went 10-1, averaged 140 points a week and demolishing people by 50 points each week. He was the 1st seed for the playoffs and you know who had to face him in the first round? Me lol.

During fantasy season he and I speak every week and prior to our matchup he told me to get ready for my exit. During the first week of the matchup I put up 162.

When he called me the first thing I said to him was "Playoffs, don't talk about playoffs, ya kidding me?" He changed his team name to Don't Talk About Playoffs and proceeded to lose to me by 70 points after another solid week the next week:

So there I was talking all types of shit after knocking off the #1 seed. Karma is a bitch though. I suffered a 70 point beat down in the finals to @CleezyTaughtU:

Congrats to @CleezyTaughtU for going from worst to first and winning it all. #Respect. (Check his site out).

Anyway, the real life playoffs are here after a wild regular season. The matchups are set and it's looking to be a good postseason. What's gonna happen? Here's what I think:

Bengals vs Texans Saturday at 4pm NBC
Houston, you capitalized on the injury to Peyton Manning, but karma is a bitch. Injures have ravished your top 3 QBs and now you have to turn to Jake Delhomme. This isn't is not 2003, when he lead a team to the Superbowl (which was in Houston that year lol). He's 7 years older and spent part of this season on his couch. Good luck with that. 

On the flip side, the Bengals probably would have been better suited missing the playoffs this year if Oakland made the playoffs so that they could get those two #1 picks from the Carson Palmer trade. They would have needed the Raiders to make it to the AFC championship, but crazier things have happened lol. Anyway, the Bengals are a good team but they are a few years (read 1st round picks) away from being a legit playoff contender yearly. They made the postseason but those picks could have lead to a more wins in later postseasons. Whatever, either way they have 2 #1s next year so watch out.

The game will be close. A rookie QB (Andy Dalton) vs a trashy veteran (aforementioned Delhomme) and two good defenses will ensure that. Bengals should be able to handle the Houston run game as long as they don't allow any big runs and make one spectacular play on offense (Dalton to AJ Green or Gresham) to pull out the W.

Bengals 21-17

Saints vs Detroit Saturday 8pm NBC
Welcome back to the playoffs Detroit. Congrats on a solid season and almost going undefeated, well starting 5-0. You did fail in giving the Packers their first L of the year. I thought that was a surefire prediction, silly me.

Saints, congrats on winning the division and ensuring one game in NO because we know that first round travel is a beast for ya. Also congrats on getting the offense on track, on the unstoppable track that is.

This will be a shootout. Points will be put up, two QBs who have thrown 40 TDs = airshow. Megatron will beast it, but Saints have way more weapons, a running game and the sting of that loss last year in their favor.

Saints 42-27

Atlanta vs NY Giants Sunday 1pm FOX
Most intriguing 1st round matchup. Atlanta you over achieved last year and got exposed in the postseason. Convinced that your offense was the problem you traded 5 picks for Julio Jones. Having playmakers at the skill positions is not the problem though, it's Matt Ryan. He is mediocre at best and still hasn't won a playoff game. So he rarely loses at home (26-5), but this isn't a home game lol. Your team is best when it's running big fat Turner all day and he's effective. If not, it's all over for you.

Giants, what a headache you are. for the most part you play to the level of your competition This accounts for the Ls to Washington twice and Seattle and the near L to Miami. This also explains why you beat Dallas twice, the Patriots and nearly beat the Packers and 49ers. You guys play when you want to, and when you want to you guys can really play. It's the playoffs so you guys should want to play, but who knows.

Giants can score points through the air, as long as Eli doesn't get picked and receivers catch their passes. I think they do, Eli stays pick free early and the Gmen put up points early enough to trick Atlanta into think they have to throw to win. Giants have defensive troubles from time to time, but they can usually always rush the passer. These two things together should lead to a few Ryan turnovers and secure the Giants win.

Giants 28-17

Steelers vs Broncos Sunday 4:30 CBS
Broncos, Tebow Time was fun while its lasted but your real colors are showing now. Congrats on making the playoffs but you guys need better QB play. I actually like Tebow but he just can't do it, at least not now.

Steelers have been what we've expected them to be, very good. Their only losses this year have come to high ranked playoff teams. Gotta #respect that. two of those loses were to Baltimore though, costing Pittsburgh homefield in that matchup. The injury bug has also hit them at the worst possible time. A return trip to the Superbowl is in question.

Steelers don't need much from Big Ben or the running game to thoroughly dismantle the Broncos. Defense will shut Tebow down and probably score, maybe twice. Blowout, easy.

Steelers 28-6

If it plays out like this then the 2nd round will shape out like this:

Saints vs 49ers Saturday 1/14 4:30pm FOX
49ers, you've had a great turn around season. Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Man, did his thing in guiding the franchise back to the winner ways. Alex Smith you did your best to change people's perception of you. Defense you remained the stout force you've been over the past few year. Altogether you capitalized on playing in a terrible division but also earned some great out of division wins at Eagles, at Lions, vs Giants, and vs Steelers. Good job fellas, 2nd seed, first round bye. Enter the Saints.

Only way SF can win this game is if Frank Gore goes beastly on the ground and chews up so much clock NO doesn't get on the field that much. SF is great on defense, specifically against the run, but the Saints will air it out. After a few early touchdowns, SF will abandon the run game, Alex Smith will return to his original self and throw a few picks/fumble. SF miracle season will be over, Saints to the the conference championship.

Saints 38-17

Bengals vs Patriots 1/14 8pm CBS
Patriots back as the #1 seed after a few rocky seasons of late. Offense super charged as always. Possibly the greatest QB ever, the greatest white receiver ever and two excellent young TEs who may one day be in the greatest discussion as well. Scoring points? Not an issue. Preventing points on the other hand, is a problem. Defense second to last. That and their recent playoff slump may hinder them.

This game against the Bengals will be the perfect elixir though. An easy win for them to get their playoff swagger back. Bengals, you had a good run, but it's midnight.

Patriots 45-20

Steelers vs Ravens Sunday 1/15 1:30pm CBS
Ravens played well for most of the season, including both times they knocked off the Steelers. The defense is still stout and the offense, as long as it is run through Ray Rice, is good as well. The fact that they have earned at least one home game helps them considerably. The week off allows them to rest and get healthy. Against the Steelers these two things will be the difference: Health and Homefield. 

Playing at home will give the Ravens the confidence to finally beat Pittsburgh in the postseason. It may be hard to beat them 3 times in a row, but the Steelers won't be at full strength. The Ravens will be able to get to Big Rape Ben enough to rattle him and prevent him from picking them apart through the air. Ray Rice will make one or two big plays against them probably when Palomalu over pursues or is caught out of place. Ravens eek out a tight one to head to the AFC Championship.

Ravens 23-17

Giants vs Packers 1/15 4:30pm FOX
Packers flirted with perfection. Aaron Rodgers had a ridiculous season, guiding for the most part and offensive juggernaut. The road to the Superbowl goes through Green Bay. Green Bay lost out on the chance for a perfect season but are still in the hunt for a repeat championship so the motivation is there.

The Giants will represent a challenge. They can rush the passer, have a capable QB and have already played them tough once. The Packer defense will play well in this game after having 2 weeks of rest and preparation time. The game will be lower scoring then people expect, but close. The Giants may be worn out (mentally) after 3 consecutive must wins. Eli may not be able to pull of another miracle at Lambeau. A late mistake will lead to a Packer win.

Packers 27-24

Conference Championships 

NFC: Saints vs Packers Sunday 1/22 FOX
Rematch of the season opener. Saints have to travel to Green Bay and play in the cold. They'll remember their Championship appearance at Chicago when they played terrible and be inspired. Brees fueled by his MVP snub and the talk of Rodgers being the best QB in the NFC will out play Rodgers. Both defenses coming of confident performances will force turnovers, but I think the Saints will force one more crucial one which the offense will capitalize on. Close game, Saints pull it out though and head to the Superbowl

Saints 38-34

AFC: Ravens vs Patriots Sunday 1/22 CBS
Classic offense vs defense matchup. Baltimore played well against the Pats a couple years ago in Foxboro so they'll be ready to play. Pats will have their swagger back after dismantling the Bengals. It will be a good game for a while but I think the Pats come out on top because they have more offense and a better QB. Brady will play lights out because of everyone lamenting ARodg or Brees as the new NFL's best. Flacco wont be able to make enough plays to keep up.

Patriots 38-24

Superbowl Febuary 5th 6:30 NBC

Saints vs Patriots

#AllOffenseEverything. Shootout. Flip a coin for the winner. I'll be rooting for the Saints though. I guess I should start planning my Superbowl party.

Don't talk about playoffs.

Sunday, January 1, 2012