Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Black + Puerto Rican Spiderman

That's right there is a Black + Puerto Rican Spiderman, well Ultimate Spiderman. In an alternate universe Peter Parker is killed by the Green Goblin and a new teenager takes up the costume as Ultimate Spiderman: Miles Morales. Miles is half Black (father) and half Puerto Rican (mother). 

This is pretty damn awesome!

I caught the story via  USA Today which also had another story talking about one of the inspirations. Turns out Donald Glover, from Community (awesome show btw) auditioned to for Spiderman in the upcoming "The Amazing Spiderman" but didn't get the part. As a joke he wore a pair of Spidey pjs on an episode which reaffirmed Ultimate Spiderman writer Brian Michael Bendis to continue with his Black/Latino Spidey. 

Once again, this is pretty damn awesome!

I'm gonna have to support this comic from here on out. Now if this ever gets picked up for a movie I'll be auditioning for Ultimate Spidey since I'm Puerto Rican and Black and a spidey fan to the death of me.

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