Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bastards Of The Party

Earlier today I re-watched this documentary entitled "Bastards Of The Party." It's a history of the Bloods and the Crips in Los Angeles. I highly recommend it. One of the key parts of the documentary discusses how the gangs were created after the demise of the Black Panther Party and how they were the bastard children of the Party, hence the title.

It's a pretty dope documentary directed and narrated by a former Blood who wanted to research the history of the gangs after a stint in prison. He spoke a lot about his time banging, and interviewed many people from former (and sometimes current) Bloods, Crips, historians, FBI agents, policemen, Black Panther Party Members and US Organization members to help give a detailed account on the creation and evolution of the gangs from the early 60's through the early 2000's.

If you every have some time you should watch it and you can here.


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