Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reactions to the amNewYork (News) 8/9/11

Read through the amNewYork this morning and had some reactions to the news.

How many times has "Between Barack and a hard spot" been used as a headline?

The economy is pretty bad man.

Are the Republicans purposely at odds with Obama just because he's a Democrat or because he's black or both?

Could Obama had spent more time handling the crisis instead of tackling his initial agenda? Maybe.

Hilary supportes saying she woulda been better. Word?

The old MTA chief up and left for a new gig in China. Someone had dirt on him...serious dirt. Really why he left.

I wanted to be in the Triathlon. Maybe next year.

They're raging in London.

Another Texas Governor is set to run for Pres. Remember the last one? Oh aight.

Watch The Throne is pretty damn good (Next post). amNew York's fave Jay and 'Ye features are pretty dope ones.

Bernie Williams is one of my favorite Yankees (players) ever.

Jets botched the Ellis thing. He really stuck it to them going to the Pats.

Mets game didn't make the edition bc the game ended to late. We got the walk off win though.

Not addressing Reyes on the DL.

#respect to the 1st Latino owner. Is his name Manuelo?

DeSean ended the holdout. Now I can take Eagles seriously.

Real Madrid signed a 7 year old. Another reason to hate them.

Let me get this Crossword...hopefully its easier than yesterday's.

It Was

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