Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watch The Throne

I've been listening to Watch The Throne just about nonstop since it dropped. Everyone's been giving their opinion. My turn: It's pretty damn good, maybe even great.

The beats are the best part of the album...each one rocks out and they're all pretty unique. The rhyming isn't the greatest (what we've come to expect)...but it's good and there are some great lines and verses. Everyone talking bout how Jay seems like an extra on the album, and that it's really a "Kanye" album featuring Jay, but I have Jay outrapping 'Ye, partly because he actually raps more.

My Scorecard:
1) Ye
2) None
3) Jay
4) Even
5) Ye
6) Jay
7) Ye
8) Jay (by default)
9) Jay
10) Ye
11) Jay
12) Jay (by default)

Might be the Hov Stan in me scoring...who knows.

No one gets points for "Lift Off."The rapping is so subpar. That beat might be my favorite tho. With that hook it had potential. They botched it if you ask me. Cudi shoulda been on it.

"What You Need" shoulda been longer.

I wish they rapped like rapped on every track like they did on that and "Otis"

"New Day" gives me a chill.

Swizzy always makes me laugh "God Dammit" lol

I like the way the album closed out...tracks 10-12 are all excellent.

"Murder to Excellence" is powerful.

If anyone doesn't know/fuck with Frank Ocean they will now. He may be the biggest winner with his two choruses. Made It In America is one of the best choruses I've heard in a long time.

When Hov and 'Ye said #OOO at the end of "Why I Love You" so did I. #Respect

It's a pretty damn good album. Does it match the hype? Yes and no. Yes because Stans will bump it and say it's dope. No because Stans expected a whole lot and won't admit that it's good despite not reaching their expectations.

Which Stan are you?

I shouldn't condone this but you can download it here.

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GMack said...

You didn't hear the Bonus Track Version with "Illest Mother**** Alive"..and other tracks Kanye murked. That may even your scorecard out a little bit