Monday, April 30, 2012


The Brooklyn Nets have unveiled their logos...
The Shield of Brooklyn
Half Court Logo
I absolutely love it! My fan hood has officially begun.

We are the [Undefeated] Champions

Remember how I was in a fantasy basketball league? I went undefeated and won the championship. It was my first time every playing fantasy basketball too. #Beasty

Now I just gotta get the rest of the dudes in the league to #PayUp

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday: 1998 NFL Draft

This is a little to obvious but whatever. Tonight is the NFL Draft, which as you know I love for multiple reasons. The Colts have the number 1 pick, which they will be using to draft Andrew Luck, after a nonexistent some debate about selecting Heisman winner Robert Griffin the third. The last time they had the number 1 overall pick they selected Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf. We know how that turned out lol. I'm hoping the same doesn't happen this year where one of these dudes (Luck, RG3) turns out to be a bust because I like them both. I'm especially rooting for RG3, despite him becoming a Redskin, because he's a Black QB.

Anyway, the '98 draft was pretty good. When you get past the Manning-Leaf thing you see there were a lot of great players in that 1st round. At 4 the Heisman Winner, perhaps the greats combined college and pro player our generation has ever seen, Michigan Wolverine great, and my favorite player ever: Charles Woodson was selected.

This was also the draft were Randy Moss slipped down to 21st. A lot of teams were feeling real stupid, most notably the Titans who took Kevin Dyson instead. Moss would have gotten them that 1 yard in that SuperBowl...

There were so many great picks in that draft: Fred Taylor at 9, my brother in Blue Hines Ward at 92, Az-Zahir Hakim at 96 and Brooklyn's own Lance Schulters at 119.

Full '98 Draft recap here.