Monday, August 2, 2010

Flip Cup Supremacy? No.

Saturday night Team #UNjealous (Me, @HAM_n_Chedda, @ThePuddingLied @G_Ur_Immature and @TheUnjealous) participated in a Flip Cup tournament. We thought it would be an easy championship being that it is one of our favorite games and we are extremely good. We were so WRONG *Charlie Murphy Voice*. We finished in 5th place, aka last. We got #JEALOUSED. At least we got drunk as hell #ForTheUNjealous lol. Got a few photos of me in action.

Ready for action, notice who's not in uniform (@TheUnjealous).

My team got it to me, time to close it out.
 1st flip
Its all over, CLOSED OUT.


Kahoa said...

Its all good. Had ya'll practiced with clear cups or red/blue cups? that makes a difference sometimes.

Lynn-Logue Baby said...

we had practice with the game cups...but only for a little bit...