Thursday, August 12, 2010

K-Rod Arrested...#LetsGoMets

K-Rod in cuffs.

Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez was arrested late last night after the NY Mets crushing defeat (I'm a fan) at the hands of the Colorado Rockies. After the game K-Rod got in a argument with his father in-law and then got physical, backing him against a wall and the repeatedly punching him in the face. The incident happened in the Family Room, in which several of the players families were. K-Rod proceeded to shower and curse out a few reporters before attempting to leave the stadium in this:

Clean White Lambo #Respect

 I can understand why K-Rod was upset, the Mets Bullpen blew another save opportunity before he had a chance to close it out, it hurts (even more that former Met great Melvin Mora did us in this time). Despite the anger K-Rod was out of control. He's added another horrible story to this depressing season (at least we got some backpage love) and may have written his ticket out of NY. 

Luckily, Johan Santana "You Know Who Big" got on the hill today and dominated to put this behind us: Complete Game Shutout allowing 4 Hits and Striking Out 10.



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