Thursday, June 23, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "What You Want" - Ma$e ft Total

I love the 90's. Best Decade Ever!

Anyway I think I'm gonna start a weekly Throwback Thursday to show my love. I'll start today with this video from Ma$e ft. Total.

I love this video because its a dope song, but also because of the opening scene. Look how smooth Ma$e is. I think he started swag, and if he didn't he was the first dude I could remember who had it. #respect

@ 0:52 "I just said that to make you mad" makes me laugh every time.

Oh and did you peep the lines before that? Ma$e: "Where you goin be at?" Shorty: "I'll be in front of the building." Meeting places (and times) were so important in the 90's because everyone didn't have cell phones. Aww #the90s.

Anyway, enjoy:

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