Friday, June 24, 2011

African American Registry Interview

You may have never heard of the African American Registry before but it is a great organization. The Registry is an educational organization whose mission statement is "Uniting Communities through Education, Transforming Communities through Learning." It strives to improve the black community through the education of children, parents, community activists and educators. Its a really cool organization and the website has many resources and information on our great history and heritage.

One of the things that they do is interview people for their video section of the website: The Black Box. Within these interviews they talk with invested members of the Black Community about things of importance to our community. I was honored to be asked to interview last fall. Until last night I had never seen the footage. Thanks to my father Google searching my name we found it. I'm not able to embed the videos to this post so just click the links below to see me talk about a few things. Each video is like a minute and a half long so it won't take up too much of you're time.

HBCU Avantages, Christopher Lynn-Logue | African American Registry

Generation Differences, Christopher Lynn-Logue | African American Registry

Favorite Book, Christopher Lynn-Logue | African American Registry

Working with Parents and Children, Christopher Lynn-Logue | African American Registry


GMack said...

Proud of you for your words...even prouder of you for getting a hair cut.

MsHicks said...

Chris, Chris, Chris! What an amazing, powerful, positive young man you are! I am FOREVER proud!