Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Honest moment: I'm not the best

Last night (aided by #thefade) I almost tweeted something. It was going to be a completely honest moment. However, rather than spend 140 characters, or a series of 140 explaining it, I decided to post it and expound on it.

So here we go.

When it comes to ladies I've always had this attitude: One in which I considered myself "the best nigga she ever gonna meet in her life." (Was gonna be the original tweet).

Arrogant I know. Honestly I can say that this, for the most part, has been true. At least 3-4 woman have admitted this to me. And there are others who know it but won't readily admit it.

Maybe I'm wrong and I'm not. Either way I firmly believe that that is the attitude one must have when approaching those they like so I'll stand by it.

Anyway I digress.

While that is some extreme honesty (letting ya know how I really feel) that wasn't the most honest I would have been. I woulda followed that tweet with:

I really hate losing.

The losing would have been in reference to girls. When I approach one...I do expect her to like me and want me. Arrogant again I know but most guys feel this way. Maybe that wouldn't have been such an honest tweet after all.

Aight, here's the kicker, the real honest moment that most dudes will never acknowledge:

There are dudes who are on my level and even supersede all aspects.

There you go...I can honestly admit this. The main reason why is because (for the most part) these dudes are on my team or at least cool with me.

I can admit that in the past two years I've lost out on 2 chicks because my teammates scooped them up. I can also admit that it was painful to realize this but eventually I acknowledged it and applauded.

What good are your friends if they aren't better than you? Why have friends if they don't challenge you?

So while I still believe that "I'm the best nigga she ever gonna meet" I'm happy that my friends challenge that and challenge me to be better.

Did I really expound? Maybe not. But I did use more than 140 characters lol.

In the grand scheme of things though...I'm fact I recently came up on (perhaps) the biggest win of my life.

That mighta been too much but #fuckit I'm just being honest.

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