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2010 Music Review (C): Top 10 Albums

This was by far the hardest list to compile. There was so many good albums that dropped in 2010. It was an excellent year and it was tough to narrow down the list but I did the best I could. Unfortunately some very good albums (Solider of Love, Distant Relatives, Sir Lucious Left Foot, New Amerykah Pt 2) didn't make it and some that I didn't have a chance to listen to (All I Want Is You) missed my list as well.

Honorable Mention:

Recovery - Eminem
This was a very honest album for Em. He spoke about his struggles and not just the typical bad mom and baby momma stuff he usually talks about. He mixed up the album with some traditional funny clowning tracks but some serious ones showing his range. He put forth a lot of effort lyrically, which he doesn't always do. No question that when he does, its heat. This was a very good album. #respect

Still Standing - Monica
I've always liked Monica and her music. Her albums are always pretty good and this one was too. It was very emotion filled as a reflection on her life to that moment: surviving struggles, becoming stronger and being fully in love. Absolutely love "Love All Over Me" and the other songs on the album because you can feel the love through her voice.

Kaleidoscope Heart - Sara Bareilles 
Instantly became a fan when I saw her in Rhapsody commercial. She flies under the radar because of some of the higher profile piano playing songstresses but I think she is of equal or even greater talent then some of them. This a very good album, a nice follow up to her debut. Its not as strong though, probably because Sara's piano playing is not the focal point. Nonetheless I like this album, a smooth listen all the way through.

The List:

10. Love Me Back - Jazmine Sullivan
I really love Jazmine, one of the ladies of the New Guard of female R&B. Loved her debut and was looking forward to this album. Love it. Her voice is so dope and despite her age she sings about some real serious topics. Even her relationship songs aren't just the typical youthful love and heartbreak types but about struggles of relationships. I like how she's not afraid to express her flaws and fears on certain tracks, she's real honest.
My Tracks: "Excuse Me" "10 Seconds" "Famous"

9. Thank Me Later - Drake

"All of this is new to me, I'm still learning to behave and spending every dollar they encourage me to save."

Well you already know how I feel about this album, wrote a whole post on it. It's a real dope debut and easy to relate to for us youngsters reaching our new levels of "stardom." Jimmy Brooks did his thing, especially considering the hype he had going in. He handled the expectations very well, something we worry about with other members of the New Guard of Rap.
My Tracks: "The Resistance" "Unforgettable" "Light Up"

8. Passion, Pain & Pleasure - Trey Songz
Makes the list of the strength that this was my girl's favorite album from last year. Seriously though this joint was under the radar especially in light of how great Ready was, but it was hittin. Trey did his thing on this joint. The concept was dope with the 3 splits and he was a lot more smooth less raunchy on this album.
My Tracks: "You Just Need Me" "Made To Be Together" "Passion"

7. How I Got Over - The Roots

"All cried out because I grew up crying."

This joint was excellent. The Roots don't get the respect they deserve. Black Thought is so ill lyrically. I love this album and how it deals with life, struggle and motivation. Its a very reflective album, for them and for me. It made me think about tough times, appreciate making it through them and motivates me to keep going. Real powerful album.

6. The Sea - Corinne Bailey Rae

"Yea it leaves a scar, so show me how to find it again, if I'm lost show me where you are"

After the self-titled debut we waited a long time for this album but only because the woman experience the death of her husband. For that reason this album differs vastly from its upbeat, happy predecessor but it reflects her emotions at the time. Its a bit gloomy and ominous but its real deep. Love is the main theme: dealing with the difficulty of losing someone you loved, but also the hope love brings. Took a while to get into because of the contrast from the 1st but certainly was worth the effort as I appreciate it it so much now.
My Tracks: "Diving for Hearts" "Are You Here" "I'd Do It All Again"

5. The Lady Killer - Cee Lo Green

"Can nonchalance be ambiance? Of course"

In December my company (#allbeige) had the holiday party and guess what was bumping? This joint. I was surprised to say the least but I thought about it and thats the best way to describe this album: Surprisingly Awesome. This album came out of nowhere and was rocking, hard. Its a great mix of songs, some real smooth ones and some to get a party poppin. Great listen all the way through. Thanks for the surprise. 
My Tracks: "Bodies" "I Want You" "Wildflower"

4. Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager - Kid Cudi

"Rage...cuz I'm paid"

This album took me a while to get into. At first it seemed a little darker than the first one but as I kept listening I realized it really wasn't. Of course Cudi still does his typical emo complaining on this one but not as dramatic as he did on the first. The emotion is why I like Cudi though, he feels safe expressing his. I respect that. I also respect the fact that he has the perfect remedy for dealing with those emotions: Raging.
My Tracks: "Mr. Rager" "Ashin Kusher" "Don't Play This Song"

3. Come Round Sundown - Kings Of Leon

This joint rocks #literally. These are some dope beige dudes. I loved there last album so I was looking forward to this joint. Its really good. I listened to this for a while, even after Kanye dropped MBDTF. Thats how much I liked it. The music is excellent with all the guitars, drums and what not (rock band stuff). I find myself playing an air guitar, air drums or being the lead singer whenever I listen to this album.
My Tracks: "Pickup Truck" "The End" "The Immortals"

2. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

"I found bravery in my bravado"

This joint is crazy. 'Ye not only lived up to the expectations he exceeded them. No one could have imagined an album this awesome. 'Ye did some ridiculous things on this albums, mixing so many different sounds and types of music and having some great features. 3 or 4 songs could be argued as the song of the year. Many peoples pick as album of the year and certainly worthy.
My Tracks: "All Of The Lights" "Devil In A New Dress" "Gorgeous"

1. Teflon Don - Rick Ross

"F*** maintaining I gotta keep ballin"

My favorite album from 2010. I was waiting patiently for it to drop and when it did I was a lil disappointed because I had heard already heard half the album. The disappointment didn't stop me from bumping it for months though. I really like every song on it, except the last track. I like Ross's mix of foolishness and skillfulness. It was a great album. Oh yea, I saw him in concert too.
My Tracks: "Free Mason" "Ashton Martin Music" "BMF"

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