Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ring

I was watching some of the Girlfriends marathon (I do it for the #snookups) and within 3 episodes 2 characters got engaged...Toni twice. They couldn't wait to run to their girls and show off their engagement rings. This of course is something that didn't surprise me since I work in an office full of women and during the past year and a half 5 have gotten engaged and done the same thing.

"Whoo girl look at my ring!"

This is why I am against engagement rings. They have become merely a prop for women to show off to their friends, coworkers and any random females they pass on the street. Women know what type of engagement ring they want before they know the type of man they want to be with forever. It blows me! Gone are the days when the meaning of the ring was important, when it was a symbol of a man's commitment to woman. Instead its all bout how much he spends on it and how big it is. Funny, how that applies to other things too lol.

Originally there was importance in the financials of the ring but for a legit reason, not to show off to your friends. When I found out that reason I respected it and thought it made a lot of sense. Nowadays I doubt many women know that reason and if one does she can get a ring from me the day she tells me. Most will tell you that it shows how much he loves you: the more he spends, the more he loves. #Wrong! How about the fact that he wants to be with you the rest of his life. Thats a little bit more important than how much he spends.

Truth be told there are way better uses for 3 months of salary, namely a house for the two of you to build your future in. Shoot that money could even be used to pay for part of the dream wedding that you've thought about almost as equally as the ring. Besides the whole 2-3 month salary rule was just a marketing ploy.

Truthfully, unless you get a ring that signals your death in 7 days or one that requires you to go on a life dangering quest you should be happy with what you get. If your friends aren't impressed with it ask them where their rings are.

Okay this ring is not okay
This one either
I do have to say #respect to my most recent coworker to get engaged for being real nonchalant about her ring, not showing it off. However she has also forgot to wear it multiple days, yet another problem. If I buy it you will wear it everyday for the rest of your life.

I'm far from getting married so I don't have to worry about this for a while, just wanted to say something.

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