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2010 Music Review (A) Miscellaneous

For the past month and a half I've had only one playlist on my iPod entitled 2010. I've been listening to all the music I compiled from 2010: 5.8 GB, 2 days 10 hours 9 minutes, 39 albums, 21 mixtapes (mixtape game still a lil weak), 946 songs. This can only mean 2 things: 1) I'm a month and a half behind in 2011 music. 2) I've been reviewing 2010 music for my 2010 Music Review.

The idea to do a music review comes from my boy G who does an annual top 10 albums list and mixtape list. After arguing with him about his list he said to me "this is my list, if you don't like it make your own." So here I am lol. I decided to add a few more things that caught my ear from 2010. All in all I have my top 5 Disappointments, Top 5 interludes, Top 5 songs, Top 10 Mixtapes and Top 10 Albums. Its a lot so I'm gonna deliver it in 3 different installments, today Part A: Misc.

Top 5 disappointments:

5. Teflon Don.
The album is great but we heard half the album before it dropped courtesy of Albert Anastasia and various leaks. #cmonRoss

4. Last Train to Paris.
We waited how long for this album? Finally gets here and its not that good, its aight. It was more confusing than anything. Diddy do you want us to party or miss our Ex? And how you gonna cut Ross's verse out on "Hello, Good Morning" and not have his 2nd verse on "Angels"? #CmonSean

3. No Boys Allowed.
Keri Hilson is fine as hell. She makes good music too, at least her first album was dope. I was looking forward to her 2nd project especially after reading all her tweets about how she in the studio. So what does she do? Name the joint "No Boys Allowed." How am I supposed to listen to the joint with a title like that? Yes, I broke the rule and listened to it, not feeling it. Now when people make fun of em for listening I can't even defend myself by saying it was good. #cmonKeri

2. Love King.
Love/Hate = Classic. Love vs Money was a great follow up, not a classic but a damn good album. So Love King shoulda followed suit and been good right? #Wrong. The album had a few good songs (especially "Turnt out")  and starts off decent but it just tanks after while. Its just not goof, especially in light of his first 2. One of Dream's lines was "My love gets it poppin like the Taliban." Really Dream? The Taliban needs to bomb you for this album. #CmonDream or #cmonChristinaMilan?

1. Clifford "T.I." Harris. After spending the end of '09 and the beginning of '10 in jail we couldn't wait for him to get out, anticipating that he used his time behind bars to write some dope lines like Biggie, Pac and Shyne did. A fair expectation since he has a damn good track record. He gets released and drops "I'm Back" and announces his album will be called "King Uncaged" filling us with hope only to disappoint in a royal way. "F*** A Mixtape" was bad. "King Uncaged" had to be renamed "No Mercy" because the "king" got re-caged. The album should be called "Mercy Me." It had a few decent tracks but largely was not good. Maybe after this stint in jail we'll get "King Uncaged." #CmonTIP

Top 5 interludes:

5. Rick Ross Interlude from The Timeless Audermars Piguet Collection. Ross was a clown on this one. "Go buy yourself a pair of Bird Man Lugz"
4. Passion from Pain, Pleasure and Passion. Not as smooth as "Hollalude" but very dope.Trey did his thing on it.
3. U Right Part 1,2 & 3 from Boss of all Bosses 2. Cam'ron let's you know how to deal with an argument with a lady, anyone for that matter.
2. Lil Duval Interlude from F*** A Mixtape. Duval weak on twitter but he was funny as hell on this joint.
1. Diddy Intro from Albert Anastasia. So many quotables from this joint but my favorite by far is: "Take that, right there, pow, with a d*** in ya mouth."

Top 5 Songs:

So many great songs from 2010. I honestly thought this list would be easy to make, just look at my top 25 played on iTunes and see the top 5 from '10. Or I could have selected 5 songs by or featuring 'Ye or Ross since they were everywhere this year. It wasn't that simple. In a weird way my most played joints aren't my favorites. Yea "BMF," "Ashton Martin Music," "Power," "Monster," "Start it Up" woulda made a legit top 5 list but I wanted to think about it a little deeper.

5. Mr. Rager - Kid Cudi.
This is the description of my life and the lives of all my friends. We Rage. We are all Mr. or Ms. Rager and we have been on so many adventures, living life to the fullest. Gotta love it.

4. Love All Over Me - Monica.
One of the best love songs I've heard in a longtime. It about that life changing, soul touching love. She's so happy to have found it, extremely thankful for it and willing to admit she doesn't want to lose it. Powerful, powerful song. I hope I can make a woman feel this way.

3. How I Got Over - The Roots ft Dice Raw. This is me. I often think about my life and how I've grown up and "made it" when I really wasn't supposed to. Real rough childhood, tough neighborhoods with no support systems. The struggle. This song depicts that so vividly, and I love it.

2. All of the Lights - Kanye ft Rihanna mostly, but mad other people. So there was no way 'Ye would be left off the list lol. I love this song but not for my traditional reasons: lyrics and message. "Ye's lyrics are actually kinda out of place but the instrumental and the chorus are so dope. The instrumental is my main ring tone on my phone (although my phone is always on vibrate), becuase its so majestic and regal. It definitely gets me amped. When you add in the chorus its almost like its telling you that you have to do something great with your life.

1. Free Mason - Ross ft Jay-Z & John Legend.
No way Ross wouldn't make it either lol. The song is so well crafted. Ross's verse is often overlooked but he did his thing, showing he knows a thing or two about history and that he can rise to the occasion. Jay spased out. I get chills everytime I hear his verse. Legend provided a great touch.I could literally listen to this song all day and not get tired of it (I've done it). Really love this track.

Tomorrow we'll get into my top 10 Mixtapes.

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