Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day.

Or should I say Happy "waste your money on women because of a stupid made up prove your love" day.

How about Happy "You better buy your lady something or else you don't love her" day.

Man I can go on and on...

I Love You. So I went out and bought you flowers, chocolates in a heart shaped box, heart shaped balloons, heart shaped mints inscribed with little messages and don't forget the over sized teddy bear holding a heart. I love you so much that I went out and bought all these foolish things to let you know.

Valentines Day is so stupid and I hate it. It's not a real holiday, it's so superficial and it's all about consumerism. I don't understand why you need a day to profess your love for your woman when you do that daily? And why is a simple "I love you" not enough today? Do you really have to go out and buy  something? Yes you do, if you really love her.

Yea I might be a little sexist here, but only because its mostly true. Valentines Day is for Women. They get the majority of the gifts. Men across the world are out buying something while their women are sitting at home or work waiting for a gift, waiting to see if their men love them or not. #ridiculous

"But its about Love!" Nah it's about the money. If its was about love then the "I love you" would be fine. Instead something has to be bought which bothers me because love is being measured materially and not emotionally. I hate it.

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