Sunday, February 20, 2011

At Least We Have Football Movies....

Its been 2 weeks since Super Sunday, #congrats Packers. 2 weeks since the end of the Football season. It's been rough no doubt but I'm holding up. Luckily there are a few football movies on TV today: Gridiron Gang, The Replacements and The Longest Yard to help me get through my pain. The movies got me thinking about a convo I had earlier this week with my boy @TheUNjealous about football movies. He was trying to throw The Program in the top 5 football movies of all time. Its all got me thinking....

1) I think we all can agree that Friday Night Lights is the greatest football movie of alltime #kanyevoice. Don't think I have to explain why but I'll give 3 reasons: 1) One of the greatest speeches ever. 2) Put me up on Explosions in the Sky 3) Spawned a great show by the same name. I'll throw in a 4th: Hometown Hero.

2) Remember the Titans. One of my moms favorite movies, mine too. Denzel at work, great historical message, so inspirational so damn great.

3) Any Given Sunday. So many things stand out from this movie: Knocking eye balls out, TO, Sniffing coke off of girl's tittiesWillie Beamen and Inch by Inch.

4) Varsity Blues. Yea, Dawson was the star but he did his thing. The predecessor to FNL, this joint had everything you can ask for: excellent cast, drama, great football, and #snookups.

5). We Are Marshall. Talk about powerful, this movie was excellent and overlooked. It gave us a history lesson and showed how football can bring hope to even the most trying times. #respect

So there's my list. Sorry Stew The Program aint on it lol. Its good no doubt, and has young Halle but I can put it top 5. Might get top 10 though, along with with some of the other great ones out there: Rudy, Brian's Song, The Blind Side (which I have not seen).

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