Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jay's (Future) Kids

Beyonce is preggo. Or is she?

I know I'm a little late with this but what can I say I've been busy lol.

When I found out that she and Hov were finally having a baby I was kinda sad. Not because I thought that the new born will come out like this:

But because once this youngster enters the world it will mark the end of Jay rapping about his future kids.

I'm a well documented Hov stan and I've gotta say that some of my favorite lines are when he raps about his future kids. One of my favorite songs is "Beach Chair" a will/inspirational note to his future daughter.

Jay def knew something was up as they were making Watch The Throne:

"Sorry Junior, I already ruined ya, you ain't even alive paparazzi pursuing ya...."
- New Day.

His whole verse is dedicated to his future son and it maybe my favorite verse on the album.

And then there's the line in Made it in America:

"Tryin lead a nation to leave to my lil mans...or my daughter."

Which def made me say whoo.

I can't really explain it but rhymes/songs about future kids are so dope to me. Ex: "Letter to my Unborn Child."

Now, well soon, that's all over for Hov. Maybe he'll have a few dope lines/songs post birth of the youngster like Juelz did with "Daddy" and Fab did with "Stay." 
We'll see what up.

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