Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homecoming Wrap Up

Oh #Homecoming.


The Odyssey to get to Atlanta. Original flight was at 10:30am, missed it because of sick traffic. Stood by for 3 different flights with no luck. Got on a van with 9 strangers and went to White Plains for a seat on a 630pm flight. Got to Atlanta at 8:15pm but didn't get of the plane until close to 9pm.

Straight to the hotel to change. Pregame. Black Love.

Got drunk as hell, saw a gazillion people, served as the mediator for a couple consisting of 2 of my best friends, found my lady, went back to the crib.


Linked up with my LBs: 16 B.I.B.I. for the 5 year anniversary lunch. Recapped stories, told jokes, ate wings, drank brew, had my first shot of patreezy, had a damn good time, got our anniversary t-shirt.

Left the restaurant, stopped by the liquor store, picked up some patreezy, lemonade and Sprite, got to campus, mixed it up, hit the tailgate.

#Occupiedtailgate. Drank all day. Chilled with the bros. Hungout with my crew from DuBois. Flirted with every girl in sight.

Some photos:

Front of the line love
123, whatever you wanna call it
Couples snapbacks
Telling the Nupe @Parkour_Louis he in the blue section
One of my fav prophytes
#Shindigged it up @BlackDeanMartin crib like old times. Passed out round 4am I think.


Spent the day mostly in recovery. Brunch at Waffle House with the homie Patrice. Late that night hit @DueorDie comedy show. The man has skills, bright future too. Be on the look out.



All in all a great trip.

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