Sunday, October 16, 2011

Interludes that should be full songs

I love interludes, mostly the funny ones like the ones Cam'ron does. I also like interludes that are songs. There are some that I wish were full songs though.

Miguel is the reason why I started thinking about this because of

The Girl With The Tattoo

This joint is so def could have gone on for a few more minutes.

Usher has a few as well:

Prayer For You

I love this tribute/dedication to his son, its really touching...there was another verse or something.

Without You

Tough to say that this should have been a full song because it's followed by a great song: "Can You Help Me." It's a strong interlude that could have gone on as its own song though.

Alicia Keys too:

Prelude to Kiss

I absolutely love this interlude, it may be my favorite interlude ever. I wish it didn't end.

Never Felt This Way

Real nice instrumental lead up...smooth vocals...ended abruptly. We deserved a second verse.

Feeling You, Feeling Me

See what I wrote above? Same thing here.

Keyshia Cole checks in too

Same Thing

Ever since Keyshia jumped on the scene she made it known she was taking the Queen of Heartbreak throne from MJB. This track would have let us know why, if she would have stretched it out.

Danity Kane may be the biggest culprit though. There interludes are so damn good, better than some of their songs. They have a 3 that make me fee this way:

Come Over

This joint is so dope. It's right up there with "Prelude to Kiss" as my favorite interlude.

Ain't True

One of the best songs about cheating ever.

Secret Place

I can understand why this is a short song...can't talk about the Secret Place for too long lol.

These are just a few that come to mind but I'm sure there are many more interludes that should have been full songs...let me know if you think of  a few.

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