Monday, March 28, 2011

There Are Still Good People Out There

Friday night I was out with the #NYcrew having a good time drinking, laughing and joking. After while I left the crew to link up with some of my coworkers to celebrate a supervisor's birthday. Jumped in a taxi and headed downtown. Paid, got out and started looking for the spot. As I got closer I reached in my pocket looking for my ID when I realized I had left my wallet in the taxi. #Jealoused. I still had my phone and my debit card (miraculously) so I wasn't completely helpless, still #blown though.

The next day when I woke up I searched through my pockets to see if I had really lost it. Yea I did. The search did turn up the taxi receipt which had the taxi id number on it. I called 311 to see if I would be able to track down that taxi. I got the phone number to the taxi company and was told to call when they open. As blown as I had been I started to think all wasn't lost. Little did I know.

As I was getting ready for the day I got a Facebook message from a man who had found my wallet. He wanted to meet up with me and return it. #UNjealous. I was so amped. After a brief conversation with  my parents about how much to reward the man I called him and arranged the meeting. When I got there he returned my wallet and didnt even accept my reward money. After I offered again he still refused it and simply said "Pass the good karma forward." #Respect

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