Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 5 NBA Beards

Just got word that the Orlando Magic will be growing beards until there playoff exit. The "Playoff Beard" is a common thing amongst athletes most notably NHLers, but not exclusive to them. Brent Keisel most recently grew his during the NFL playoffs (which has its own facebook page) and Brian Wilson last year during the Giants World Series run.

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Fear the Beard
Well I love beards and consider myself a member of the #beardgang even though I have nothing more than billy goat scruff (actually a lot less than that lol). Nonetheless this Magic thing reminded me of something I thought of a while ago; Top 5 beards in the NBA. Here we go:

5. Ronny Turiaf - #norespect to the man's prison straight backs but much #respect to the straight scruff.

No razors allowed in prison, or designs

4. DeShawn Stevenson - Beard, tats, #92...dude just doesn't care and I #respect that.


3. Baron Davis - No one doesn't care more than B.Diddy. Only thing bigger than his beard is his belly.

No working out + No shaving = Ending up in Cleveland

2. Deron Williams - DWill stay fresh, he must get a cut everyday.

Yes, I get a shape up daily. 

1. James Harden - Rick Rossesque

Whoo #SayitlikeRoss
Honorable Mention: John Salmons, Rip Hamilton, Old Drew Gooden.

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