Monday, January 10, 2011

Las Vegas

On December 28th 2010, I boarded a plane headed to Las Vegas, and even though I had planned the trip months in advance I still couldn't believe it. As soon as I got off the plane I was greeted with slot machines which wasn't weird at all. I mean who doesn't want a final chance to gamble their life away before they fly home? As I walked through the airport I saw billboards for all the shows, a liquor vending machine and various gift shops. At one shop I saw something I couldn't resist buy, a Las Vegas Icon:

After getting my bag and linking up with @ThePuddingLied and getting a lil In N Out Burger (a must everything you're on the West Coast) we went to his crib to chill and get ready for the evening's festivities. Before we hit the strip we had to get a FatBurger (another must since I was out west) and then finally it all became real once I saw the lights of the Strip. We went to Caesars Palace. I was a little upset because "I wasnt getting a sig on my beeper." We eventually got to Fat Tuesdays where I started operation: #5daysoffade:

First night in LV wasn't nothing to spectacular. We walked the strip for a while where I saw so many young children out (it was 1am). I was so shocked, but hey its not the kids faults its the parents which is why I made a pledge to piss on minivans: 

Just pissed on a minivan...if someone has their faimly on the strip @ they deserve to get they van pissed on....

The next day is when all the fun really started...or at least when the rest of #TheTeam came in. @Nucky_HAMson and @Geoff_HAM_Gundy. First thing we did was pick up the essentials for the week:

The 29 and 30th weren't anything to spectacular honestly. Met some of @thePuddingLied's friends one night (#Shoutout to @haseenat@kianaabby@AyeLeiLei). We went to a local spot that was full of Asians in relationships dancing to techno (#TheJealous). On the 30th I rode the roller coaster at New York New York, walked the strip getting my tourist game on and found a 32 ounce cup to bring #TheFade on the road with me. @Nucky_HAMson conquered a 35 ounce burrito challenge. That night we hit this spot called Jet @ the Mirage which unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy because I stepped out to wait for someone (#TheGuy) who was drunk, high and lost to get there. When they finally arrived I wasn't able to get back in (#TheJealous). I heard it was dope tho.

So after 3 consecutive nights of #Jealo I was counting on the last day of the year to provide the #UltimateUNjealo...and it didn't disappoint. We got up, got dressed, made our magic potions, took a few shots and hit the strip. We linked up with @simpleb and her crew for a lil photoshoot. Then we ate at the best Cheeseburger place in history @ Planet Hollywood:
From there we made a quick stop at CVS to pick up some final things for the pregame, this was the list:

Cups, Gingerale, Bread, Gum, & Chapstick 

Essentials lol. Before we headed back to the room we linked up with @Just_Gyna and her crew. We went up to the room and had chilled for a bit, mentally preparing for greatness.

After about an hour or so of just relaxing we started getting calls, people were heading up to the room ready to party. What took place over the next 2 hours can only be described as the Greatest Pregame of ALLTIME *Kanye Voice*. Heres a clip:


That was only the beginning. We still had a party to go to. After some mass confusion with the party bus company (he wasn't where he was supposed to be, we all got separated looking for him) we finally boarded the bus and headed to the spot. We got there right before midnight, right on time for the fireworks.

When I walked in the spot the first thing I heard was "I used to be a pornstar." I though I was mistaken so I asked the young lady if I heard her correctly. Her response was "yea I'm Avena Lee!" Turns out she was hosting the party with another former pornstar Lexi Cruz (google that yourself, no safe photos lol). I decided to kick it with them  for a while and now I can honestly relate to Kanye on "Hell of A Life" because I literally almost fell in love with a pornstar, especially when Avena told me her twitter name was @AvenaLeeMVP because she has the Most Valuable P****

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Believe it or not hanging out with pornstars was the mildest part of my night and I cant say much more about what happened. I did lose my phone though. (If you have my number #hitmeup so I can re-save you lol).

The next day we woke up and took shots to #Recovery. Our last day in Vegas together was filled with Fade, Food and Laughs. We went out to @ThePuddingLied's house for a New Years Day's barbecue. When we got back to the strip we linked up with @sillsnumber2 finally and enjoyed a night at The Spearment Rhino.

All in all it was a great trip, minus a few #jealoused situations. We set out to finish out 150 shots and we got close, I'd say about 120. NYE was #Intrepid. #TheTeam did our thing. @ThePuddingLied and his folks were great hosts. Las Vegas was good to your boy, made some new friends and had a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who helped make it memorable.


Anonymous said...

Did you end up sleeping with avena lee?

Lynn-Logue Baby said...

No I didn't

Anonymous said...

Why not? She was an ex pornstar though.. all you had to do was ask.

Lynn-Logue Baby said...

I didn't think about it