Thursday, May 5, 2011

Respecting Rose

22. Youngest to ever do it.

"I just play basetball"

That was the main point of the first Derrick Rose interview I had ever seen. It was after his playoff debut in which he dropped 36 points and 11 dimes and help his Bulls beat the Celtics. I wish I could find the whole interview but all I could get was this clip:

You've probably seen the rest. Dude sounded like a mix of Warren from Something about Mary and Boobie Miles and looked more dumbfounded than W and Eli put together. Every since then I have been making fun of his lack of intelligence, consistently calling him dumber than a box of rocks. Then of course there was that whole NCAA investigation thing which added fuel to my fire...

I've always respect Rose as a player but throughout the course of this season I've grown to respect him more and more as a person. He hasn't gotten any smarter in the traditional sense but I realized that he hasn't needed to. He's a ball player and he's done the one thing he's had to: continue to get better and smarter at being that. And boy did it show. As he dominated opponents and carried his team to the top record in the league many people consistently pronounced him as the MVP. Rather than let his ego inflate he stayed humble.When he was voted in as an All-Star starter and people suggested it was his chance to shine he deferred to the All-Star elders. And even once he was formally announced as the MVP all he could do was thank his teammates and #shoutout his mom:

If anyone deserves a moment to brag it would be Rose. He made it through the slums of the Chi to the league. He got drafted by his hometown team number 1 overall. He was asked to bring the Bulls back to a place they haven't been since That Guy left. Many would have wilted under such pressure but Rose has risen to the challenge gracefully.

I used to think his subdued and humble demeanor was moreso an side effect of his ignorance but now I realize that he is just a respectful youngster doing what he's been blessed to do. He's just a kid honing his craft, humbly accepting his accolades and being a great representation of his family and his city. It's refreshing and I respect it. Go on young brotha...


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