Monday, July 12, 2010

Felicitación España

Congratulation Spain on their 1st ever World Cup title. Well deserved. It was a great game. Spain played the ball controlling style they have become well known for. They also played remarkable defense. In the early moments of the game Spain had several charges but came up empty. The Second half saw the most action. In the 62 min Arjen Robben of the Netherlands had his team's best opportunity stopped by Spain's excellent Goal Keep and captain Iker Casillas. Best believe the Dutch had they #jealousfaces on. Moments later Casillas stopped Robben again. Spain would squander a few opportunities themselves, first David Villa, then Sergio Ramos.

The rest of regulation went on rather drama/excitement free. Extra Time was full of drama though. Dutchmen John Heitinga was given his second Yellow card and thus had to leave the game, limiting his team to 10 players. This proved to be fatal as Spain would take advantage. After an incorrect call by the referee (typical) Spain gained control of the ball and would take advantage courtesy of Andres Iniesta's beautiful goal. I know that the ref made a bad call and the Dutch should have been granted a Corner Kick instead of the Free Kick but #tellemwhyyoumadDutch. When it was all said and done, even though it wasn't pretty, the best team won. Congrats again Spain, Felicitación España.

Oh I almost forgot, I know you won Spain and I'm going let you celebrate, but you still got #jealoused :


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