Wednesday, July 7, 2010

#Respect Chris Duhon

So last night I'm chilling with my boys at our usual spot Off The Wagon discussing the NBA Free Agency season. We were offering our opinions on where LeBron should go (we'll know tomorrow), how we felt about Stoudemire coming to the Knicks, and the worst signings thus far: Amir Johnson, Channing Frye. Another contract that we felt was bloated was that of Chris Duhon. The former Bulls, and recently, Knicks point guard reached a deal with Orlando for 4 years and 15 Mil. So here we are talking all types of shit about him and that contract, when one of my boys says "Dude who just walked in the bathroom look just like Chris Duhon." Jokingly we all say "well lets ask him how he got that 15 mil lol." We quickly realized that the dude was actually Duhon himself. The moment of truth: were we going to ask him?

So I shake his hand and say congrats on the new deal and ask him how'd he pulled it off? One of my boys then says "What did you say to get that 15 mil?" and another follows with "right, let us know." Duhon responded "What? Ya tryin to say I'm not worth it? Thats exactly what we were trying to say, but none of us said it lol. We proceeded to ask him all types of questions about the league. He was actually real cool, answered all our questions, told us funny ass stories, told us about Coach K and why the Knicks sucked so bad. We even talked about Tiger Woods and comedy movies lol. Dude was real cool and funny and even shared his 2 pitchers of brew with us, #respect. Speaking of #respect we even got him saying that joint. We told him that if we hear it on a press conference he better shout us out or we goin put him on blast lol.

Is Chris Duhon worth 15 mil? We can't say. Is he a cool as hell? Yea he is, we all have a new found #respect for him.Good luck in Orlando man.


Jay said...

That's def what's up. Ran into Steve Nash in Manhattan a while ago, he was an asshole. Lol, still think he the best pg in the league though. I think Duhon is a good fit for Orlando but 15 mil. that's crazy.

Anonymous said...

hes not worth 15 mil