Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cole World, No Blanket

Over the weekend my boys @Larry_Draper and @Parkour_Lewis and I started to referring to unfortunate situations by saying "Cole World, No Blanket" a line J. Cole said in "World is Empty." Real funny stuff.

On Monday night me and G went to a listening party for Cole World: The Sideline Story. Cole was there giving background on some of the tracks, telling us some dope stories.

We were right in front of the DJbooth where Cole was. At one point when he was talking about how some of his tracks are deeper than people are accustomed to, I yelled to him "We got degrees too Cole" to which he responded "Then you got depth." #Respect

Throughout the evening I kept yelling Cole World, No Blanket after each track played. The album is tough and when it drops on the 27th it's really gonna be a Cole World for the rest of the rappers in the game, with No Blanket.

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