Thursday, September 1, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Baywatch

I went to the beach many times this summer with my campers. Of course each time I got in the water because it was hot as ______ (insert the hottest thing you can think of and add this).

What was funny was always funny was the way I ran into the a Baywatch lifegaurd, the whole time singing (the parts I could remember):

Baywatch was an excellent show and we all know why:

#TheHoff, Duh! LOL
Of course The Hoff wasn't the real reason the show was poppin, it was because of the bounty of #Snookups most notably
      Pam Anderson                                +        Carmen Electra
Oh Yea
But there were plenty others:

Oh Yea Yea
Which was your favorite?

Anyway, this was an awesome show. One that I certainly wasn't supposed to be watching so I rarely did. Whenever I was able to get a glance though, I loved it.

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