Monday, April 11, 2011

Topless...Not a Good Look

Normally I'd be all for toplessness (there's a reason I'm @FullCupLover), but in this case I'm against it. On Saturday, April 2nd my father mailed my laptop in for some repairs. I've known he was going to do it for a while, just didn't know when. Since he knew that I handled all of my grad school apps he knew that I really didn't need it so he sent it in while I was away in LA. Going back to the day I left (3/31) I've been without it for 12 days. The first 4 were cool because I was out of town but since I've returned its been rough.

Even though he thinks I don't need it I really do. I haven't been able to listen to music, cruise the net, update the blog (LA Recap, MLB Preview, some other thoughts I would have turned into a post if I had my laptop), stay up with my Mets, online window shop, social network at my full potential, enjoy an adult movie, etc.

It hasn't been all that bad because all my emails come to my phone so I haven't missed anything important. I tweet from my phone mostly so I've been able to keep up with my friends and enjoy #tittytuesday with no major problem lol. However, I haven't been able to hit a lot of the links in tweets to check out songs or articles people are tweeting about. My mobile web doesn't get everything.

At home I've had to use the house desktop: which is extremely slow starting up, doesn't have my music on it, my bookmarks or even the same web browsing platform I normally use (Chrome). I do have my work computer, (which I'm posting from right now) but it has its own set of issues: no downloads, my noisy co-workers always walking by, and the fact that I have to do actual work.

I miss my baby and I'm tired of going (Lap)Topless.

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