Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Prescription

So I'm on vacation staycation this week so maybe I can get 1 post in a day...there are a lot of things to talk about...

Aight, so I love music. The actual music, notes and what not, as well as the lyrics. This is especially true for Hip-Hop/Rap music. I like listening to rappers who tell stories so well I feel like I'm watching them unfold. I like listening to songs and saying "damn that was crazy," either because the lyrics are crazy or because they make me think so hard. Naturally some of my favorite rappers are Jay-Z, Nas, Lupe and Fabolous (very long list) all of whom are capable of doing those things. The "new guard" of rappers is pretty adept too. J. Cole, Drake and Wale are very ill lyrically, something I really appreciate.

I was put onto Wale by my roommate in college (#shoutout @dueordie). He told me to listen to The Mixtape About Nothing and see if I liked the guy. I did and have been following ever since. After the success of that mixtape, and Back to the Feature, there were great expectations for his debut album Attention Deficit. It didn't really live up to the hype though. Although it received mostly great reviews it didn't sell well, only going gold. It was also easily forgotten amongst the other rap albums that dropped that year (BP 3Deeper Than Rap, Man on the Moon, Loso's WayRelapse). Recently I re-listened to Attention Deficit in preparation for finally listening to More About Nothing (#latepass). I just have to say that the album was indeed overlooked but Wale did warn us that that would happen, and even gave us something to prevent it: The Prescription.

The title of the CD let us know how Wale felt, and what I think ultimately happened, people wouldn't be able to pay attention well enough to enjoy the CD. The decline of hip-hop/rap over the past few years has been well known. It has been going away from the lyrical prowess that it was once known for, to the dance friendly, catchy beats/hooks, lets make something for the club era. Wale, aware of this, takes pride in his lyrics and dubs himself the prescription to the ills of the rap game. Proclaiming yourself as the "House" that's been needed to solve the rap game's rubic is bold and something that everyone has been doing of late, but Wale made a great claim on the track.

Pay Attention!

Don't let the pain getcha
I swear my lane will provide as a painkiller
A painkiller, a 16 of Percoset
Just let it chill Joe
That lil' burn that you feel, feel good don't it?
Just sit back and relax and take it easy
And let the beat play
Close your eyes, whoever uninspired
Pay me no mind, I put Adderol in ya eyes
Riddle them with Ritalin, attention deficit
Niggas start listenin', and what I'm givin' them
The drug that they brain need
Them niggas sick of hip-hop so they appointed me
And I invened but the IV inside of me
And ignorance was drug of choice but they OD'd
Couldn't alone leave 'em
I am the sole leader
The young soul that the OG's still believe in
And if you not convinced keep on promotin' them
I breathe life in the game, they are Kevorkian
They provokin' suicide but as soon as signed
I drew designs from consumer's minds so in time
I do it for all y'all, do it for all y'all
Don't gotta wait long
The doctor has arrived just be patient
please, please

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induetime said...

preciate da shoutout I got more music we gotta chop it up about soon enough, but keep doin ya thing brotha!