Saturday, April 3, 2010

How it all happens


I want to welcome you and thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will enjoy it and visit often. There's always so much going on in my mind I just want to let it out, share it. So that's pretty much what I'm going to do, write out what goes on up there. I just want to let you all know how it all happens.

Sometimes random thoughts just pop in my head. In actuality the only thing random about them may be the order in which they come or what exactly triggered them. Almost all thoughts are connected to something else; (at least in my mind) it just takes something to spark them up. That’s the random part, the spark. That spark always leads to a series of follow up thoughts. Those follow ups consist of a lot of analyzing and examination, sometimes yielding a belief that I feel strong enough to stand on. These are the thoughts I hope to share most often but the truth is a lot of my thoughts end up incomplete. Sometimes I have more questions then answers, turning those thoughts into questions. You'll be getting those too. My mission at the end of the day is to open up new lines of thought and provoke conversations. This is all I can hope for, and that you enjoy reading.

On that note I'd like to say that its not all serious. While I do have a lot of serious/abstract thoughts, I also love to joke and have fun. I love music, sports, movies, and Youtube videos. I live a crazy life and experience many things. I think about a lot, over many areas, so there will be many posts about everything. We're going to have some fun. Welcome again, thank you again and visit again.

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