Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy New Years Easter

Aight so I was anticipating an Easter post. I knew Easter would be post worthy, how could it not be? It's easily one of the top 3 holidays for black people(own birthday, Christmas then Easter.) Every black person in America was in church on Sunday. If you black and you weren't in church your blackness needs to be placed under reviewed. I was counting on seeing all the new Easter outfits. I knew I would be driving around for an extra 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. Once I got in the sanctuary I knew someone would be sitting in my seat. I could almost bet any amount of money that I was going to hear the word "early" several times at different decibels. I also knew that my mom would lean over to me and say "see Jesus made his bed, so can you." I knew I'd be sitting in my chair for 4 hours. I just knew it.

Easter is predictable like this. There are very few certain things in life: taxes, death and Easter for blacks. For us, its a ritual. It represents so much for us, namely a new year in Christ. Every year a mom says to her kids "this is the year were goin to start goin to church every Sunday. We startin on Easter." As a child I knew that I'd get a new outfit ever Easter. Matter of fact, there were 2 outfits: the "new" zoot suit (colorful and shiny) for Sunday and the new outfit (new jeans, Jordans and a new t-shirt) for school on Monday. My mom was never the "this is the year" type but I became the type one year. I hated the fact that we only showed up on Easter. I hated it so much I did the most unheard of thing: showed up the Sunday after Easter. I eventually became a full fledged member at my church.

Being away at school the past four years I haven't experienced a real black Easter. As a matter of fact I think I only went to church 2 out of the 4 years I was away. So I was pretty excited about my return to real Easters. Resurrection sermons (no matter how predictable) are always the strongest of the year. I mean we all know the story and can probably preach it: "Jesus died on Friday. Stayed in the grave all day Saturday. But early, early (high scream), I said EARLY (highest scream) he rose up. For you and me. Isn't He so good?" Despite my excitement I was also worried, worried about all the things in the first paragraph.

To my surprise this Easter was cool, almost a normal Sunday. I left a little earlier than normal (10:15am for a 30 min drive). As soon as I got close to my church I found a good spot immediately (look at God). I walked in the sanctuary and my seat was waiting for me. The service was long, but not 4 hours (only 3). My pastor did his thing in the pulpit and didn't even say the word early. I think the most astonishing thing about this Easter was that I only saw 2 zoot suits: a royal blue one (worn with a red shirt) and an all orange everything one. Hallelujah to that. Overall all it was a very regular Easter.

Happy New Years Easter.

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