Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Gigolo. Nick Cannon Ft. R. Kelly

So my parents watch and love America's Got Talent. They love the acts, the judges and the host Nick Cannon. They've loved him since he was at A&T. Anyway, every now and again they'll call me in to check something out and I'll catch a glimpse of him being a decent host. This dude has come a long way from All That. He branched out into more dramatic roles such as the aforementioned Drumline, Wilded Out, was featured on a Chappelle skit, married and had kids with the crush of every dude who grew up in the 90s (myself included) Mariah and is now worth 20 million. And of course there was his great rap career which in 2003 spawned one of the greatest callabos ever with the Pied Piper himself, Kells. Gigolo was such an awesome song. You can't front like you ain't like. It's a certified classic.


"Pimp bones in my body..."

You know what else Nick did in 2003?

Masterpiece theater

'03 was a great year for him but some how he tops that these days. #respect

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