Sunday, October 7, 2012

Commercial Spotlight 10-7-12

So I've been off my blog game for a couple months. A few things have happened since then but I'll recap that later. For now I'm jumping back in the water with something light, a few commercials that I've seen of late that I love.

First I gotta go with this one:

This joint is so awesome. I tear up every time. I can't wait to have a daughter and have this type of relationship. Although, I do want my wife to still be living.

Speaking of family, there is this one:

Straight comedy.

Here's another family type commercial about a mom worrying about her son playing football:

I think Tom knows Ray very well lol.

Finally I have to highlight this commercial regarding football fans:

My boy @Run_GMC and his agency worked on that joint. #respect.

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