Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back in action...

Been off my blog game of late. What can I say I've been kinda busy, you know being in school and all lol.

On Friday I handed in my last final for the semester. Yesterday I did my last day at my internship for the year. My semester is officially over!

ASL for Finished
It's been an OD rough semester for me. School was cool but having my field placement 3 days a week added a lot of hours onto my 17 credit course load. They throw us right into the fire and we mostly crash and burn lol. I've some how survived though and am looking forward to this break and getting back on my blog game. There were several things that I started but never was able to finish. Over the break I will back track and finish those out and put them up. 

I'm back in action.

Yea that's Billy Blanks...the Tae Bo guy and Roddy Piper...the kilt wearing former WWF great.


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