Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So they say that this is the most wonderful time of the year right? Well it used to be for me, but I hasn't been of late. Maybe its because I'm getting older or maybe because its just sucks.

You see there was a time when this time meant something, but not now, especially not this year. Yea I don't like Christmas, its one of my least favorite holidays, but this post has nothing to do with Christmas, I'm talking about Capital One Bowl Week, and Bowl Season in general.

Man I used to love bowl season, football on every day for 2 weeks, it was excellent. I used to watch all the games, see some schools and players I hadn't seen play. It was exciting. Now-a-days not so much. (On an aside, I am happy that Michigan is back in a bowl game #GOBIGBLUE). There are simply too many bowls, 35 in all. That's 70 teams, out of 120 or so who make it to a bowl. What does that say for those who don't make it?

Really though the teams who don't make a bowl aren't the only ones who suck, so many who make games do as well. With all these new bowls sprouting up every year more and more teams get invites who don't deserve them. I know once you get 6 wins you're "Bowl Eligible" but are you really worthy? Some of these bowl games are so bad, you get two 6-6 aka .500 aka average at best teams going at it and its horrible. The damn  Mascot challenge is more competitive than some games. #Ridiculous.

The number of bowls is outrageous but I understand its a money thing, and people are paying to have their name on a bowl so the NCAA obliges, but come on. R+L Carriers, Beef 'O' Brady', the S.D. County Credit Union, Hyundai, and BBVA Compass are all sponsoring bowls. #Reallytho. Am I'm supposed to know who half these companies are and use their product once i watch the game? At least get some companies we know.

Man even the damn Yankees have a bowl, the Pinstripe Bowl. #EvilEmpire

Bowl week is supposed to be a nice lead up until January 1st, traditionally when all the premier bowls were played. Now a January 1st game doesn't mean as much because of the nonsense bowls after them. There are only 3 games that should be played after the 1st, the 2 BCS games that aren't played on the 1st and the National championship. In no way should the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl be the night before the National Championship.

Bowl Week, you used to be cool, now your just a joke. You used to be the most wonderful time of the year, now you're just a bunch of mediocre games that I might watch a little bit of.

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