Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ready for the World Cup?

Aight...its June 1st...exactly 10 days until the most anticipated sporting event in the past 4 years: The World Cup!!! The world's favorite game takes center stage in South Africa. I'm really excited, more than I've been for any event this year including the Gold Medal Game during the Winter Olympics . The last World Cup was so amazing, definitely opened my eyes to the wonderful game that is Futbol (the cup and all the Latin/South American boys I was counseling that summer lol.)There is something about the cup that brings out the best in all the teams. They aren't just playing for their countries its almost as if its a war and their country's survival depends on how they play. Futbol fans are easily the best in the world, the most passionate and crazy lol. Its going to be awesome. I'm so amped to see the best players in the world do their thing. Messi of Argentina, Rooney the Englishmen, Portugal's Ronaldo, Brazilians Kaka and Fabiano, Xavi, Iniesta and Torres of Spain and the Africans Drogba (Ivroy Coast) Essien of Ghana and Cameroon's Eto'o.

So what do I think will happen? Messi will play out of his mind and Argentina will win it. He's the best player in the world and unlike Ronaldo (#2) he has a better team and doesn't have Brazil in his group. Speaking of Brazil, I think they have a great shot to win it too. They always do, I mean they've won the most cups in history (5) for a reason. Will not having Ronaldinho hurt or help them? Spain is another team that I like. They were number 1 in the world for a long time last year, and were favored to win the Confederations Cup. They bring back most of that team and that bad taste of defeat which will inspire them this time in South Africa. The final team I like (which pains me to say) is England. Wanye Rooney! It hurts that they are in our group, but it will make a hell of a match (June 12th 1:30pm).

Even though I like all those teams, my allegiance is with the Yanks: Team USA! We shocked everyone last year with our appearance in the Confederation Cup final, a game we should have won (Extremely bad defense in the second half). We bring back most of the team and have a few additions. With Landon Donovon, Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore we have some great playmakers. Michael Bradley isn't to bad either. If Oguchi Onyewu is healthy he is one of the best defenders in the world. Tim Howard is an excellent goal keeper despite his age. This young kid Herculez Gomez might make a little noise too. (The Complete Roster)We looked good in our friendlies last week. We caught the jealo against the Czechs 4-2 but we did our thing with the real squad against Turkey 2-1. The game against England looms large (June 12th 1:30pm)but I think we can make some noise, we'll see.

You know whose so ready for the cup? Me! Are you?

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